Bloody Saracaarn

Act II, Scene III

Session played Monday June 24 2013.

Act II, Scene II

Session played Monday May 27 2013.


  • met brown-nut-guy again and witnessed rubik’s cube Hedge transport
  • apples collected and changed colour when put in contact with blood pods
  • 5 changeling bodies discovered in treehouse
  • major apple storage room discovered in treehouse
  • treehouse abandoned by Glassjaw
  • Hedge safezone discovered by Tara and reached by all, with some minor mishaps
  • nosferatu vampire totally obliterated in combat
  • the nosferatu had a business card of jasmine’s from saisonale
Act II, Scene I

Session played on Monday April 22 2013.


  • entered Hedge
  • met brown-nut-guy and his pod-collecting brother
  • John’s pod-induced drug trip
  • John’s blood frenzy in tunnel
  • Tara’s casual stroll atop the Hedge while other party members were keeping watch in cave
Act I Summary!

The Background:

Welcome to Saracaarn! This city is built around The Ticker, a large clocktower in the middle of everything. There’s a river that divides the city into Upper and Lower Saracaarn, and there are a few districts and specific locations of note.

The Happenings:

The party built its home base near The Prince & Jester, a bar and designated Elysium for vampires and changelings in the city. Through personal tragedy (Tanya’s disappearance), party mishaps (Zack’s vampire “friends”) and a bit of espionage and hacking, the party uncovered a mystery surrounding a cult and its holy book, the Inner Eyesight Manifesto. Along the way they made tenuous alliances with Tim (the watchman of the Saracaarn tower) and Eirwyn (the owner of the Open Stars, an occult bookshop).

The Inner Eyesight cult seems to have permeated all of Saracaarn. To make matters more complicated, the vampire Prince (Clarisse) seems to have gotten involved in the cult and disappeared in the Hedge.

Jasmine, owner of Saisonale and friend of the party member Hazel, seems to be running cult meetings in the basement of her arts studio.

Act I concluded with the party’s decision to enter the Hedge and search for answers.


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